Why this competition?

In view of an exponentially growing artistic production as we encounter it today, it is logical that further - new - criteria are used to build an artist into a star.
A wide variety of factors play a role on the path to artistic success. Contacts with museums, curators, collectors, galleries and journalists are almost indispensable to assert oneself in the art world. Apart from relationships, age, place of residence, social background, nationality, appearance and ultimately the work itself also plays a role when it comes to exhibitions, prizes, grants, subsidies and gallery representation.
That an artist needs nothing and no one and that her art will prevail if only art is strong enough is a cliché. Everyone needs patrons and networks to be able to exist, also in the art business. Hence the MISS KUNST.

MISS KUNST is a competition of a new and fascinating category. MISS KUNST is a competition for women, and it chooses the most beautiful female artist. Irrespective of the work and other artistic attributes, the decisive selection criterion for winning the competition is solely appearance. MISS KUNST celebrates the risk, it is like the art business: sexist, discriminatory, unfair, stereotypical, one-dimensional, direct, excellent, desirable!

Why should I take part?

Because MISS KUNST is a call for art. Because body cult in art is art. Because MISS KUNST is art. Because in the MISS KUNST competition only the most beautiful artists participate and you are part of it. Because you have already won the election, because you have decided for yourself. Because beauty is relative. Because you are beautiful. Because there is simply nothing to lose if you take part. Because you will be seen. Because it‘s an opportunity. Because it‘s fun and no effort. Because it simply makes no sense not to take part. Because the MISS ART is everything you hate and everything you love. Because you are already a part of it yourself.

„No matter how good you are, if you’re not promoted right, you won’t be remembered.“ Andy Warhol