What is there to win?

A solo exhibition, fame and honour.
Participating in MISS KUNST not only brings interesting new experiences, it can give life a new direction. The winner receives a solo exhibition at knstvrn, the art association of the city of Bad Wonder (http://www.bad-wonder.de/kunstverein/kv.html). The election for MISS KUNST takes place independently of the exhibiting artist‘s work. The knstvrn is officially the first institution to hold an exhibition solely on the basis of the external appearance of a artist aligns.

This competition is not just any competition! MISS KUNST is the original. And the city of Bad Wonder alone is entitled to award this title. The participants of MISS KUNST receive media attention through broad coverage with the participation of important press houses, which ensure the desired publicity of the competition. On the occasion of her solo exhibition at knstvrn Bad Wonder, the winner will be crowned with the appropriate insignia, sash and tiara, and receives the title MISS KUNST, which she is entitled to hold until the next election. The title refers to what the Miss represents: Visual arts. MISS KUNST is a symbol of her abilities and skills, her qualities and values as an artist in her own right; she stands not only for beauty and charisma, but also for eloquence, ambition, cosmopolitanism and tolerance. She is not only a self-confident title holder, but also an ambassador and especially a representative.


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